Study shows red-light cameras save lives, people still convinced cameras are bad

From the Washington Post:

A study to be released Tuesday by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety finds that traffic fatalities at those intersections dropped by 26 percent over a five-year period, slightly more than the average decline in 13 other camera-equipped cities.

And a little later on:

Two legislators have introduced bills in Richmond to restrict use of the cameras. One would restrict local jurisdictions from deploying new red-light cameras; the other would require that their use be overseen by the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The study can be read here.

A device that saves lives, reduces operating costs of police departments and lets those departments redirect officers to fight actual, for reals, no foolin’ Crime™, and people still think they’re bad?

[Edit: now the link points to the first page of the article instead of the last]

[Edit: now with more link to the study in question!]

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