Techies help Egyptians reach Internet by tweeting voicemail, American netizens surprised that no voicemail is in English

A little back story: Egypt’s government is kinda corrupt.  Egyptians got fed up with it and are rebelling.  Egypt’s government shuts down 93% of Internet access from within the country.

Now, nerds are helping them out by recording voice mail left by Egyptians and uploading the audio to the Internet, making them available via links on Twitter.  Wilson Rothman over at MSNBC’s Technoblog explains it better than I can:

For those stuck in Egypt without the Internet, Google, Twitter and SayNow have teamed up to create an innovative voicemail system: Call a number and leave a message, and the system blasts it out into the universe in the form of a tweet with the hashtag #egypt.

The voice mails can be listened to from here, and there’s also a translation effort!

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