Why Awesome Shit This Year?

Hi, I’m Doc Brown.  I’ll be your resident dime-store blogger.  Nice to meet you!  So what’s this dime-a-dozen blog all about?

This site aims to syndicate news and information about events that are determined to likely have a positive and immediate or significant impact on the human race (read: we gonna let you know when some awesome shit goes down).  Or if I can spin a funny, fark-ish headline about the article.  Topics mainly covered are materials science, physics, high technology (with emphasis on biology, biochemistry and biomechanics), astronomy and psychology, along with macroeconomics, geopolitics and philosophy where applicable or interesting.  So, basically everything except pop culture.  If you want to keep up on what one man thinks is going to significantly affect the course of human history, then this is the place for you!

But why “this year?”  Well, I always wanted to do a retrospective about each year and what significant events occurred that affected more than just myself and the small group of people I know.  And I remembered I had this urge just as 2011 turned up on the calendar.  Plus, the Internet looked like it was running out of shitty, pointless, naval-gazing blogs, so I did my part and signed up with WordPress to keep track of the things happening throughout the year that seemed worth cataloging.  The end of the year is where this experiment will shine.  That is when I’ll rummage through a whole year’s worth of possibly awesome shit and come up with a short list of truly awesome shit that could be the defining moments of that year.

A note about the humor I try to bring to modern news: it’s all in good fun.  Sometimes it might seem brash, callous or just downright rude, please keep in mind that no malice is intended.  I think everyone is just dandy, regardless of gender, color, creed or country and that only when we work together can humankind accomplish some truly awesome shit.


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